Producing exceptional organic, non-GMO craft spirits that embody the spirit of adventure associated with Lake Tahoe.

Sourcing and blending botanicals based in plant medicine introduces our notable signature into the craft spirits world.

cave rock cacao whiskey

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Cave Rock Cacao Whiskey

Named after Cave Rock, an area deemed sacred by the Washoe tribe, our 100% non-GMO corn whiskey has rested with cacao nibs and toasted chia seeds, lending to the captivating flavor of toasted dark chocolate, while whispering the strength of the earth and water known as Lake Tahoe. ~ 80 proof

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Gatekeeper Gin

~ Coming Soon ~

A 3000 year old giant Sierra juniper watches over as you find yourself deep in Desolation Wilderness, hiking through alpine wildflowers or pedaling alongside crisp snow melted creeks. Our guardian, the GateKeeper supports our gin with it’s juniper berries, leading the way to a bold Tahoe infused botanical blend. ~ 90 proof.


Rip a Run Rum

~ Coming Soon ~

Kat Valentina

Co-Founder • Medicinal Mixologist • CEO
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Jeff VanHee

Co-Founder • Head Distiller • COO
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