cave rock cacao whiskey

Cave Rock Cacao Whiskey

Named after Cave Rock, an area deemed sacred by the Washoe tribe, our 100% non-GMO corn whiskey has rested with cacao nibs and toasted chia seeds, lending to the captivating flavor of toasted dark chocolate, while whispering the strength of the earth and water known as Lake Tahoe. ~ 80 proof

Cave Rock

A Legendary Monument to the Native Inhabitants of Lake Tahoe

Cave Rock has an ancient history. The Washoe tribe who have tended the land in the Lake Tahoe basin for many generations revere this powerful rock formed by a 5 million year old volcanic vent. This rock, named ‘De’ek wadapush’, which means Standing Grey Rock in Washo, gained its cave status from rock that fell away during glacial periods when the lake rose to almost as tall as the rock itself. Cave Rock is deemed sacred by the Washoe. Medicine men and Shamans would come to the rock for rituals and to consult the “Water Babies”. “Water Babies” are nature spirits that live in the lake and are the protector of children. “Water Babies” are known to live in caves, so Cave Rock is most certainly a home to these auspicious water faeries.

Water babies still thrive in Lake Tahoe! With so many ways to enjoy the beauty of Lake Tahoe from the shores to the middle of the lake, the only spot to see each shore of Tahoe is from the colossal Cave Rock herself. And on any given day, from family fun to high octane adventure, the human water babies are alive. Cave Rock offers not only the best view of the lake, in our opinion, but hosts trails galore to check out the surrounding terrain. It’s the perfect place for a dram of Cave Rock Cacao Whiskey, where you can soak up the mystical energy and revitalize your spirit.

At Lake Tahoe Distilling, we honor the Washoe and give thanks for the ability to produce our medicinally influenced spirits on the land they have tended.

We honor the significance of Cave Rock and hope that you too will hold up a glass of Cave Rock Cacao Whiskey with gratitude and discover YOUr spirit. Enjoy!


If you are on this page because you are holding a bottle in your hand, you can find the exact location of Cave Rock by the latitude and longitude we have left for you on the front label. Adventure forth, honor all, respect the spirits, and enjoy the journey!

In the spirit of conscious imbibing…
Jeff VanHee & Kat Valentina